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Motorcycle modification
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motorcycle-modifacation-element6.jpgThe tank started off as an SR500 Yamaha tank left over from our SR project. We removed the original tunnel to repair dents from an old accident and to modify the tank to fit the frame by welding a 4 inch spacer in between the halves then welding in a new custom tunnel. motorcycle-modifacation-element8.jpg
motorcycle-modifacation-element7.jpg This is the primary concept of what this bike will become, using wood and zip ties is a good way to visualize and make changes or firm decisions on fabrication.
motorcycle-modifacation-element10.jpg The rear upper section of the frame was removed and the rest of the frame in that area was detabbed and smoothed out.  A new upper frame was built and welded to the frame with extra attention given to the shock mount. Yes that is me in the background but quit looking at me this is about the custom bike.