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Valve & Valve Seat

In the course of an engine rebuild it is often necessary to repair the Valve and Seat (sealing surface). We first perform a leakdown test to determine the condition of the valves before teardown. Next, the head will be removed from the engine, and we will remove all of the parts to be cleaned. Once these steps are completed, we can begin repairs. The valves will be checked for cracks, nicks, bending, stem wear and warping. If the valve is still good, it will be lightly reground to like-new condition. Once the valves have been refurbished or replaced we will repair the seat back to factory specifications, otherwise known as a Three Angle Valve Job. In extreme cases, we may have to replace the valve seat with a new one in order to correct an improper valve height. This is especially important on race engines for many reasons. Fill out the form below with year, make and model to inquire about specific pricing for your machine and one of our experienced technicians will get back to you the next business day (Tues-Sat 8:00AM-6:00PM CST). Or, you can call us at (281)824-4265.

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