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Polaris Engine Rebuild

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We have been working on Polaris engine rebuilds for a few years now and we found that there is no "good and fair" way to have rebuilt Polaris engines for sale on an exchange basis. We found that some engines are much worse than others and do not want to rebuild an engine that suffered being left under salt water for a long time and sell it to someone whose engine was only burning a little oil. While a Polaris engine can still be rebuilt when it has been under water, its appearance will never be as nice as one that has not and we do not find that acceptable. I know I would not want one like that. We structured our Polaris engine rebuild service price based off of what machine work all Polaris engine rebuilds need keeping our prices reasonable. This price structure is a double edged sword because we are not able to tell a customer an exact price before dis-assembly; however we have found that a "worst case scenario" engine is still a very competitive price but there is a chance to pay substantially less than our competition if your engine is in fairly good shape. 

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Christian Doherty


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